Residence Belvaux

This project was designed from start to finish by our company. The plans were made together with our partner architect and our client. We are committed to having the necessary authorizations. The customer has benefited by adding value to this beautiful little house making 4 apartments. The extension and renovation of the entire house was carried out by our team.


A very nice project of a complete renovation of an apartment.


Transform your old attic in a pleasant and functional place to be with Trivali.


Very beautiful modern facade made by our team. We used mineral paints to guarantee the color persistence for a long time.

Joseph Wester

Complete renovation of a 3 bedroom apartment. It is only after having seen the photos before and after that we can realize what a quality renovation can bring to customers.


Extension and complete renovation of the interior and exterior of a house.

Rue Stalingrad

Another complete project realized by Trivali. Complete renovation and transformation of this house into a 4-apartment building with specially chosen finishing materials. This building has kept it’s charm as we re-established the front facade all by keeping it’s originality combining it with a modern interior design. The energy performance has been increased thanks to the isolated facade behind the building. With a new roof, new electrical installations, sanitary and heating, the new owners are sure not to have costs to predict for a long period.


Renovation of two very nice bathrooms by the Trivali team.